Padma Purana
Vishnu Purana
Varaha Purana
Kurma Purana
Agni Purana
Vamana Purana
Brahma Purana


Behind all creation is the great soul (paramatman). It is a constant entity that is without birth or death, beginning or end. When it wants to create, it manifests itself in various forms, materials and qualities.

Three basic qualities (guna) fill all objects in the universe in different proportions. These three basic qualities are manifestations of the paramataman and are known as sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva is the quality of goodness or purity, rajas that of passion or sensual enjoyment, and tamas that of ignorance or gloom. Alternatively, rajas can also be regarded as a mixed quality, in between all that is good (sattva) and all that is evil (tamas).

The five elements of creation are known as bhutas. They are kshiti (the earth), apa (the water), tejas (energty), marut (the wind) and vyoma (the sky). They evolved in the following order.