Half Beast, Half Man-Why?

An Obliging Master

When Prahlada said this, Vishnu himself was wonderstruck at this staunch conviction of his devotee. This ardent believer’s faith must come true.

VishnuSo, at that moment, the Lord, who created the universe, manifested himself in every particle therein--just to ensure that his devotee's words did not become false. What a great concern for his devotee!

Hiranyakasipu could not contain his anger. "Is he there in this pillar?"

So saying he smashed the pillar with his mighty gadha--only to be pounced upon by the half-man halfbeast avatar. Had he struck at another place, he would have seen the same phenomenon.

A Pointer for the Present

Today we talk of atomic physics. Dalton defined the atom as the smallest indivisible panicle. But later scientists proved that even that particle could be divided, releasing tremendous energy. But, in fact, our ancient seers and sages knew even better. They saw God in the smallest of the small particles. Narasimhavatar is actually a pointer by the Lord that he is omnipotent and omnipresent.

When he saw the strange form of the Lord, Hiranyakasipu was not afraid. He .got ready to fight the Lord. The latter, however, took him on his lap before meting out his death. Who will be blessed with such a grand privilege—of breathing his last at the very lap of the creator! After all, Hiranyakasipu had been a faithful gate-keeper of the Lord in his previous birth.

Now, the lord took the form of half beast and half man. Why? His beastly form to tear apart the ignorance, ego and beastly pride of Hiranyakasipu and the human half to shower on him merey and grace and to bring him back to life .at Prahlada's request.

Runa Vimochana Slokas

Narasimha Upasana is, therefore, an opportunity to pray to the Lord to kill the demon in us and to bless us with new energy and life.

Prahlada prayed to Lord Narasimha to give back his father's life and to relieve him from all liabilities, such as desire, anger, pride, ego and hatred. These hymns are known as Runa Vimochana slokas, rescuing one from liabilities. It is believed that people who worship Sri Narasimha during critical times of financial crises will get the courage, confidence and capacity to clear the debts.

Though Lord Narasimha looks ferocious in the form with the lion face, he possesses mercy, love and justice. He IS more a protector. Upasana of Narasimha destroys all evil thoughts and deeds of mankind.

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