Modern Facts of the Nine Planets

Sani (Saturn)


Sani (Saturn)

In South India, most temples (apart from temples specifically devoted to Vishnu) set aside an area specifically for worship of the Navagrahas. In this area special altars are set aside for Sun and Moon, considered special. However, most devotees pay special attention to Saturn because of the general belief that he is malefic and they wish to make sure they do not displease him. He has even been feared as the god of death. However, he is supposed to possess a higher and more beneficial side, though it requites asceticism, discipline, and solitude to get these benefits.

Sani is shown seated on an eagle (based on North Indian tradition). His appearance, dress, and even the flowers he is adorned with are dominated by the black and blue colours. His Adidevata is Yaman (the god of death), riding his vehicle buffalo on the right and the Pratidevata is Prajapati. His zodiac signs are Makara (Capri con) and Kumbha (Aquarius).

The Roman god for reaping crops is Saturn. His symbol is also curved like his sickle.

The spectacular rings of Saturn were revealed in all their glory by the Pioneer Spacecraft in 1979. It is still unknown how these were formed (though there are theories). Saturn has many moons which form a mini solar system.

Sani is usually depicted riding a raven. Suryan (Sun) was married to Samignai and they had three children, Manu, Yaman,' and
Yamunai. Samignai was unable to withstand Suryan's intense heat and wished to return to her parental home. Without Suryan's knowledge she dared to make her own shadow into Chayadevi (clone of herself). Chaya means shadow.

Son of Sun

Chayadevi lived with Suryan without letting him know that she was not Samignai (fulfilling Samignai's wishes). Suryan also lived happily with her, thinking she was Samignai. They had three children --Savarni, Sani, and Bhadrai.

Chayadevi did not like the children born to Samignai and liked only her own children. Suryan eventually found out about this situation, and regained his original wife.

Sani (Saturn)

Sani went to Varanasi (Benares), and after considerable penance, prayer, and worship, he was elevated to the status of a planet Like many others. His vigorous penance resulted in Siva coming out of the cave to bless him.

Sani 's malefic aspects touched many who came into contact with him, including Nalan, a prince and considered the greatest gourmet cook, who was banished to the forest.

Muthuswamy Dikshithar, in his Navagraha composition, gives a detailed description of his appearance, character, deeds, and complex nature. His choice of me Raga, Tala and words of the composition (lyrics) are truly brilliant! This composition alone shows his total mastery!

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