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Maitri Upanisad

Chapter Six

19. Elsewhere it has been said,
When one who knows, restraining the outer mind and causing the objects of sense to enter the breath rests without forming concepts. Since the life which is called the breath is produced from that which is not breath, it is the breath. One should maintain the breath in what is called the fourth state.

Someone has said:

As not-thought in the midst of thought,
Unthinkable supreme secret,
One should meditate on thought.
That is the subtle form without dependency.

20. Elsewhere it has been said:
Now the supreme contemplation of this. By pressing together the palate and the tip of the tongue, by the cessation of speech, mind and breath, one sees Brahman by investigating. When, on the dissolution of the mind, by the self one sees the self, which is subtler than the subtle, shining, then, by the elf seeing the self, one becomes selfless. because one is selfless, one can be thought to be uncountable, without source-the mark of liberation. That is the highest secret. Someone has said:

By the calming of thought
One destroys action both fair and foul:
With self calmed, resting in the self
One wins unfailing joy.

21. Elsewhere it has been said:
The channel called Susumna, which goes upward together with the breath, cuts through the palate. When it is joined with the OM and the mind, the breath can go out by it. by turning back the tongue-tip against the palate and harnessing the senses, as greatness one may see greatness. Then one reaches selflessness. Because one is selfless, one no longer experiences joy and sorrow: one reaches absoluteness.
Someone has said:

Setting up the highest before one,
One should restrain one’s breath.
By the shoreless one should cross to the other shore
And afterwards become united (yuj) in the head.

22. Elsewhere it has been said: There are two brahmans to be named, sound and the soundless. The soundless is revealed through sound. The sound id OM. By it one goes out upwards and finds cessation in the soundless. This is the bourne, this is immortality, this is union and also ultimate bliss. Just as a spider goes up outwards by its thread and finds space, so one meditates on OM and by it goes up outwards and finds independence.
Others, those who profess sound, practise differently. By joining ear and thumb, they listen to the sound of the rivers, a bell, a metal pot, a wheel, the croaking of frogs, rain, and the sound made in a windless place. Going beyond their separate characteristics, they meet their end in the supreme soundless nature, indistinguishable, like different flavours combined into sweetness. Someone has said:

There are two brahmans to be known,
The sound-brahman and the supreme.
By bathing in the sound-brahman
One wins the Brahman that is supreme.

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