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To thee, O lord, we resort for food and vigour. May Savitar, the god of creation, bliss and knowledge inspire us to perform the most noble deeds. May the kine, never to be killed, be healthy and strong, swelling with calves and free from disease. May a thief and an evil-minded man be never born amidst us rich in progeny, free from pain and sickness. May the lord of land and cattle be in constant possession of these. May God guard the progeny, kine and wealth of the Yajman (Sacrificer)!

Thou art the purifier of the sacrifice, thou art heavens, thou art earth. Heat art thou of the being. Thou art sustainer of the universe. May thou increase and stand secure and firm by the help of god and never stumble, nor be the lord of thy sacrifice unsteady!

Thou, the thousand-streamed, art the purifier of the Vasus; thou art, indeed the thousand-streamed purifier of the Vasus. May the all-purifying, thousand-streamed god Savitar, cleaning, purify thee with the with which he purifies the Vasus. Which cow didst thou milk?

Here is a wish fulfilling cow Vishvayushya of the full span of life. Here is another, Vishvakarman, and here is still another, Vishvadhaya. Thee, as Indraís portion, I do increase and prosper with Soma. O Vishnu, be thou protector of this oblation!

O Agni, the lord of vows, I will observe the vow. May I have strength for that. May I be successful in this may vow. Now I enter into the truth and renounce the untruth!

Who is it that impels thee to perform noble deeds? He inspires thee. Why does he guide? For performance of noble deeds he guides thee, he inspires thee two for doing good deeds, ye two for the completion of the home.

Scorched are the devils, scorched are the niggards. Burnt down are the fiends and the evil ones. Now, I roam at will in the vast spaces.

Thou art destroyer, destroy him who injures us. Harm him who harms us. Destroy him whom we wish to destroy. Thou art gods best conveyor, the best purifier, filled fullest, the most desirable, and the best invoker of gods.

By the impulse of Savitar, the creator of all, I hold thee with arms of Ashvins, with the hands of god Pushan. I take thee, dear to Agni, dear to Soma!

I have generated thee for abundance, not for niggardliness. May mine eye look upon the light of self, may be doors remain safe and secure. I travel at will through the vast spaces; upon the lap of the boundless Aditi, on the navel of the earth I place thee. O god Agni, protect this oblation!!

Ye two born of Vishnuís powers, are the source of purification. By creator Savitarís impulse, with his flawless strainer, with the rays of the Sun, I purify ye completely. O bright waters, ever flowing forth, thou art first purifiers, promote now this sacrifice and lead forward the Yajman the god-devoted Sacrificer, the noble and liberal donor.

Indra elected you in destroying Vritra, and you elected Indra in fighting with Vritra. You art sanctified. I consecrate thee, dear to Agni; I purify thee, dear to both Agni and Soma. Be thou pure for divine work, pure and holy for sacrificial rites to gods. Because some of you have been defiled by the impure touch, hereby I make you pure from all this pollution.