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The gods drew water full of sweetness, refreshing sap, strength-giving and sovereignty bestowing. Therewith they anointed Varuna and Mitra, therewith they sprinkled Indra who drives away foemen.

These waters are majestic and joy-giving, inviolate, industrious and investing. In these waters dwells Varuna making his home, he, the son of waters, the best of mothers.

O king, you are the main stay of regal power, you are the strength of princely power. You are the womb and navel of princely power. You are the foe-slaying arm of Indra, you are Mitra’s mighty weapon. You are Vauna’s possession. With your help may this man subdue his foes. You are the render of forts, you are afflictor of the foe like an arrow. You are the protector of the Law. O brave warriors, protect this king from front, protect him from the rear, protect him in the flanks, guard him from all sides.

Let all men protect him. Let Agni, the master of home, know him. Let famed Indra know him, let Mitra and Varuna, the all-knowing god Pushan know him. May Earth and Heaven know him and also the boundless Aditi, the giver of vast shelter.

The biting creatures who torment others are destroyed. You ascend the east. May the Gayatri metre guard you. May the psalm Rathantra, the triple song of praise, the spring season and the riches of knowledge protect you.

O king, march towards the south. May the Trishtup verse, the Brihat Sam, the fifteenfold praise, song, the summer season, riches and power of the princes guard you.

Advance towards the west. May Jagti verse guard you, the psalm Vairupa, the seventeenfold praise-song, the rainy season, the store of riches and the people.

Advance towards the north. May Anushtup be your guard and so be the Viraja psalm, the twentyone fold praise-song, the autumn season and riches, the fruitage of sacrifice.

O king, ascend the zenith. May Pankti verse be your guard, the twain psalms of Shahvari and Revati, the thirty three fold praise-song, the season autumn, three divisions of time, both Winter and Dew seasons and splendour. Cast away the head of the wicked.

You are Soma’s brilliance, may my brilliance also shine like yours. Preserve me from death. You are vigour, victory and life.

O Varuna, O Mitra, you rise on high with your golden bodies at the flush of dawn and then mount your car to view the infinity and limitation. Mitra, you are friend to all, and you Varuna, the mighty enough to ward off the enemy.

O king, I anoint you with the brilliance of the moon, Lustre of the fire, splendour of the sun and power of Indra. Be the lord of princes and guard your subjects.

O Prajapati, you only comprehended all these created forms and none besides. Give us our heart’s desire when we invoke you. He is father of so and so, he is son to so and so. Likewise we accept you as our father. May we become the lord of splendour through righteous ways. O Rudra, your excellent name and form relieve us from miseries, we worship you at home with oblation. All hail!

You are Indra’s thunderbolt. I yoke you at the direction of Varuna and Mitra, the great directors and appoint you for alleviating the sufferings of the people and for providing food. May you be unassailable and victorious over the enemy with great might. May we be united with you with mind and might.