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God Savitar first of all having harnessed his mind and thought, spread the light from Agni on the earth and in the heaven.

Under the inspiration of god Savitar, having harnessed our mind, we strive to acquire heavenly light for our bliss.

The all-creating and bliss-bestowing god Savitar harnessed the gods, possessed of celestial light and thought, and impelled them on their way.

The learned priests, well-versed in vedic knowledge harness their mind, harness their holy thoughts. He alone, the all-knowing lord of the law, assigns them their sacred tasks. Lofty is the praise of God, the creator of all.

I yoke your mind to God with prayer and meditation. May the hymns of both of you rise high and pervade the heaven. May all the gods, sons of eternal Prajapati hear it, who dwell in heavenly abodes.

He, the creator of all, the generator of all the worlds, is followed by all the gods according to their might. He who pervades all and has measured out the entire universe, is Savitar.

O all-creating Savitar, promote and advance our sacrifice, increase the sacrificer’s portion on splendour. O guardian of divine knowledge, lord of speech, creator of all, cleanser of thoughts and will, sweeten our speech.

You are the excellent woman. May we possess the power by your grace to increase Agni in his dwelling, as did Angiras with Jagti verse.

Let Savitar, with a gold implement in his hand, raise Agni hig from the earth with Anustup verse as did Angiras.

O steed, the heaven is our loftiest place of birth, your navel is in the mid-region of the space, your shelter is on the earth. Come you running here, impelled to speed, O steed, along the vast space.

O horse, come running and trampling upon the wicked ones, come, spreading gladness all around, come to Rudra. Speed along the vast air with Pushan as your guardian.

The first and foremost Jatavedas illuminates the days before dawn and also illuminated the rays of the sun. He alone illuminates both earth and heaven.

Just as a fleet horse having started on his course, causes fear in the enemy, and just as a householder longs to see with reverent eye Agni kindled in a fine place, so should you.

O steed, having approached the earth, seek Agni with a deep desire and trample on the ground and then instruct us where can we search that learned and effulgent one.

Sky is your back, the earth your seat, the air your spirit, the ocean your place of birth. Assail and trample down the enemy looking around you.

O wealth-giving Courser, rise high from this place for increase of splendour. May we be established in excellent thought while kindling Agni on the earth.