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We ever adore Agni who has shone far effulgent, beaming, immortal, of great manly might, remover of distress, bestower of longevity and fame to the sages, him who exhibits diverse things on this earth.

Night and Dawn, different in visage, accordant, meeting together, suckle the same bade, the sun, which beaming shines between the heaven and earth. The mighty and divine forces support the sun.

Savitar, worship worthy, at dawn shapes and exhibits all objects with his radiance. He is the bringer of weal both for bipeds and quardrupeds and removes their distress.

O Agni, you are goodly-pinioned eagle. Trivit stoma is your head and Gayatri your eye, Brihat and Rathantar your two wings. The yajna is your soul, all the verses your limbs and the formulas your names. Vamdevya Soma is your body, yajna yajniya Sama your tail and the sacrificial altars your claws. Thus, O Agni, you are like a goodly-pinioned eagle, soar into the sky, reach the heaven!

O Agni, come back again with power, return again with food and life and protect us from sins.

Return Agni, with abundant wealth and drench us with your flowing stream that nourishes all.

O Varuna, free us from the upmost bond, let down the lowest, remove the midmost, so that we may be without sin in your holy law and belong to boundless mother Aditi, O Surya!

The mighty Sun has risen high in the sky before the dawns, removing away darkness with his radiance and light. The fair-formed Agni with lustre has filled at birth with splendour all the world.

He, the embodiment of purity, all pervading, dwelling in mid-air, the hotar-priest, the guest and lord of home, imbiber of truth, omnipresent, invoker of gods, present in the minds of the people, creator of prana, kine, the holy law, floods, earth and mountains, to the great Agni, we offer our prayers.

O Agni, knower of all the deeds, be seated in the lap of this your mother. Do not scorch her with your heat nor burn her with your flame. Shine with your pure lustre in her lap!

First Agni was born from out of heaven, then secondly from us was born Jatavedas. Thirdly he, the most manly-souled appeared in the waters whom the pious and learned sacrificers ever laud and kindle.

O Agni, we know your three power in three stages and also your diverse forms in many places. We know your most secret and supreme name, we know the source from which you have emerged.

Varuna kindled you in the waters, Prajapati lit you amidst the heavens. There as you stood in the third high region, the mighty Maruts increased you amidst the floods.

The giver of splendour, source of glories, giver of wisdom, guardian of Soma, refuge of all, the son of strength, a king in the floods, he shines enkindles in forefront of the dawns.

Germ of creation, ensign of the world sprang to life and pervaded the heaven and earth with radiance. Even the dense clouds he cut as under when passing over, as such he is offered sacrifice by the five clans in unity.

Thus among mortal men immortal Agni was established, the effulgent, purifier, wise, remover of the evil ones and envoy to the gods. He emits the ruddy smoke above him and reaches the heaven with his brilliance, the sustainer of the world.