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I, the sacrificer, first of all establish Agni within my home for increase of wealth, good progeny and manly strength. May gods aid me in this!

You are support of waters, the source of fire, and enveloper of ocean as it swells and suges, the loftiest, resting on the lotus, spreading out in amplitude in space and its own measure.

The famed Aditya at first appeared in the Eat and then filled the worlds with his radiance, the womb of both creation and non-creation.

Hiranyagarbha, the golden germ, sprang up first of all, the only lord of all created beings. He was also there before the creation of things. He sustains this earth and heaven. Let us worship him, the Prajapati with our oblation.

Surya sprang forth through this earth and heaven along this space and that which existed before. I offer my seven oblations to Aditya who travels to his own dwelling.

Homage be to all enemies, like serpent in nature, who dwell on earth, those dwelling in the air, and also to those dwelling in the sky.

Homage be to those that are demonís darts, to those who dwell in the trees like serpents, and to all of them who lie low in holes be homage paid.

Homage be to all the serpents, to them that are in heavenís bright realm, to them that abide in the sunís rays. Adoration be to them that have their home in waters!

Increase and put on your vigour like a wide-spread net, attack the foemen like a mighty king with your aids. Strengthening yourself, shoot deadly arrows to transfix the demons and subdue them all.

O Agni, let your rapid flames riding the wind follow the fiends with all their blazing fury and flaming weapons. Let the demons be scorched with your tongues of flying flames, Agni, let your fire-brands rain all over the foe.

O unassailable Agni, send forth the army to destroy our enemy, be he far or near. Be yourself the guardian of our people. May you be ever unharmed and safe from the trouble sent by the foemen.