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Drive O Agni, our know foemen, drive from us the unborn ones, O Jatavedas, graciously-minded; without anger bless us so that we may life happily in the thrice-guarded home.

Drive away our enemies, O Agni, with your might, our known foes, ward off those who would attack us secretly. O benevolent in thought and spirit, bless us. May we live long, drive away our foes!

Stoma, the lady of sixteen arts, grants strength and wealth. The Stoma of forty-four skills also grants splendour and riches. You are complement of Agni. As such may all the gods greet you with lauds. Enriched with songs of praise and butter, stay here and grant us wealth and store of children.

This Agni is the head and height of heaven, he is the lord of the earth. This same Agni quickens the waters’ seed.

This Agni is the lord of thousandfold pleasures, the master of hunderedfold food and wealth, the sapient one.

Atharvan, the best of priests, brought you forth from the lotus by rubbing, the head of the priest.

Leader of the sacrifice, you are end of the region to which with your auspicious company you attend. You bear the light-giving Aditya in the sky, making your tongue the conveyor of oblations to gods.

People kindle Agni with their fuel. As a calf is delighted to meet its mother-cow so are people gladdened by seeing the Dawn appear. Just as the branches of the young trees shoot up high so do Agni’s flames rising high in the sky.

We offer our songs of praise to Agni, the adorable sage, pure, virtuous and strong. The sage has raised his hymn of praise to Agni far-reaching as the Sun in the sky.

Agni was ordained to be the first invoker, the best in sacrifice, to be lauded at rites. Him the Bhrigus with their offspring made to kindle in splendour in the forest, spreading to every home.

Agni, the watchful guardian of the created beings has been born, ever active, strong for fresh prosperity. Increasing with ghee, his flames reaching high in the heaven, he shines radiantly enkindled by the priests of sacrifice.

O Agni, dear to Angiras, they caused you to appear when you remained hidden, fleeing back from wood to wood and plant to plant. You are generated by attrition as conquering strength. People call you the son of highly powerful strength.

O men, offer to Agni seemly oblations and your songs of praise to him who is supreme, highly mighty, the son of strength.

O mighty Agni, the lord of all, you bestow all the fruits of the sacrifice on the sacrificer, your friend. Bring us the riches as you are kindled at the place of yajna.