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O Maruts, so charitably disposed, grant us food and strength contained in stone and mountain and saps obtained from waters, herbs, plants and trees, that food and strength. O all-devouring Agni, in the stone is your hunger, in me your food. Let that wrath of yours strike the man whom we detest!

O Agni, may these brick be my milch-kine, one and ten, and ten tens, a hundred, and ten hundred, a thousand and ten thousand and a hundred thousand, a lac and ten lacs, a million, and ten millions, a crore, ten crores, hundred crores, thousand crores, it is ten times mahapadma, it is ten times shankh, it is ten times samudra, it is ten times madhya, it is ten times prardh. O Agni, may these bricks of this altar be a source of bliss in this and the next world.

You are law-strengthening pleasant Spring season, set in the cycle of seasons. You fortify truth and are ghee-giving, bestowing sweet sap, full of splendour, glorified, fulfiller of our desires and imperishable.

With ocean’s cool mantling we robe you, Agni, be our purifier and auspicious to us.

We wrap you with snow’s investing garb, Agni, be our purifier and auspicious to us.

Come you down on the earth, take the support of reeds, take abode in the rivers, because you are the essence of the waters. You also come here with them, female frog, and make this sacrifice of ours splendid and successful.

This place of Agni is the waters’ meeting point, here meet the floods. Let your flames others than us, be our purifier and propitious to us!

O excellent cleanser, Agni, radiant one, bring here to our yajna and adore the gods, O pleasant tongued!

O pure, purifying, splendid god Agni, bring the gods to this our sacrifice, to our offerings bring the gods!

He who with purifying radiance has shone up on this earth like dawns with sunlight, who comes speeding like fleet coursers in the battle, ageless, who in the heat of battle tolerates thirst.

O Agni, salutations to your flame that attracts all the saps, salutations to your blazing fire. Let your flame burn others than us, be you our purifier and propitious to us!

To Agni who abides in man, Hail! To him who abides in waters, Hail! To Agni who abides in the holy sacrificial grass, Hail! To him who abides in the trees, Hail. And this Agni who is known as the Sun, to him, Hail!

O Agni, you are the giver of vital breath, of our breath and diffusive breath. You are give of wealth and power. Let your weapons distress others than us. Be you our purifier and propitious to us!

May Agni destroy all the devouring fiends with his sharp blazing flames. May Agni grant us riches and splendour.