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He who protects all, dissolves all the worlds at the time of final dissolution, sat down as Hotar-priest, our Father, the sage, is every present. With his grace he fulfils all our wishes, pervades the subtle primordial matter and the world created therefrom.

What was the support before this creation? What was it that propped him? What was its nature? Whence Vishvakarman, the seer of all, creating the earth, with boundless power produced the heavens?

He has eyes in all directions, mouths on all sides, arms and feet on all sides. He, the only one, has produced heaven and earth with the might of his arms and put them in motion.

Let the learned men enquire within their soul what was the cause, what the resultant creation? From what the heaven and earth were created? Whereupon he stood when he shaped all the objects?

Whatever your highest, lowest, midmost deeds and places are, O Vishvakarman, the creator of the universe, reveal them all to us, your friends at sacrifice and come yourself to our yajama.

O Vishvakarman be pleased with my oblation and come to the sacrifice with heaven and earth, come to our worship. May our enemies be ever in confusion and here may we have a rich and generous portion!

When the father Vishvakarman created both heaven and earth, and extended far both of them fastening securely their eastern ends, then he, the lord of eye and light, submerged these in saps.

Vishvakarman, the creator of the whole universe, is all-seeing, most excellent, full of deep knowledge, mighty, creator, disposer and without second. In him the souls, controlling their seven senses including mind and intellect live in enjoyment according to their desires. Let us all worship him.

He is our father, he created us. He as the sustainer knows all races and all things existing. He is the name-giver of all the gods. He is one, him alone all seek for knowledge.

The ancient seers and rishis offered him their treasures with their sons of praise sung in groups, him who in the highest, lowest and the mid-region created all things that have existence.

He was there before this earth and heaven, and before gods and demons came into being. What was the first germ that waters received, where the gods beheld that primeval element?

The waters received that primeval germ where the gods lived together. Indeed there in the navel of the unborn is that supreme primeval element from which all things spring up and in which they exist.

O men, you know not him who has created all creatures and worlds, he is different and another and yet pervades you all. You are enwrapped in mist of ignorance, engaged in fruitless discussions and controversies, preoccupied with fulfillment of carnal wishes, hymn-singers, wandering, confused and discontent.

First of all came the God, Vishvakarman, then secondly was the Sun created, who sustains the kine and the earth. Thirdly was born the cloud in succession, that quickened the germ in waters and preserves the herbs.

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