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May my corn and my wealth, my best efforts and my mind, my thought and power of action, may my speech and my praise, my power of hearing, and my light, my spiritual power prosper by this sacrifice.

May my inhalation and exhalation, my through-breathing and my other breaths, my thought power and my knowledge, my speech and my mind, my eye and my ear, my skill and my strength prosper by this sacrifice.

May my energy and my tolerance, my soul-power and my body, my happiness and my armour, my limbs and my bones, my joints and my members, my health and long life prosper by this sacrifice.

May my pre-eminence, and my ownership, my courage and my wrath against the wicked, my seriousness and my life-force, my victorious power and my importance, my dignity and my breadth, my long life and my greatness, my old age and progress prosper by this sacrifice.

May my truth and my faith, my cattle and my wealth, my portion and my greatness, my play and my pleasure, my son and my future son, my hymn and my rites prosper by this sacrifice.

May my simple acts and my immortality, my freedom from consumption and my health, my medicine and my long life, my freedom from enemy and my fearlessness, my joys and my rest, my fair dawn and fair evening and my fair day prosper by this sacrifice.

May my leader and my supporter, my security and my patience, my goods and my capability, my knowledge and discretion, my command and my propagation, my plough and my harrow prosper through this sacrifice.

May my Agni and my Indra, my Soma and my Indra, my Savitar and my Indra, my Sarasvati and my Indra, my Pushan and my Indra, my Brihaspati and my Indra’s favour prosper by this sacrifice.

May my Mitra and my Indra, and my Varuna and my Indra, and my Dhatar and my Indra, and my Tvashtar and my Indra, and my Maruts and my Indra, and my Vishvadevas and my Indra prosper by this sacrifice.

May my vows and my seasons, and my fervour and my year, and my day and night and my thighs and knees and Rathantara Soma prosper by this sacrifice.

May all the Maruts come unto us today. Let all guardian gods come to our sacrifice to protect us. Let all the Agnis be kindled well. May we gain all wealth and riches.

O Agni, with the milk of the earth and such other saps I unite me, unite myself with waters and herbs. As such I gain nourishment from herbs and waters.

The protector of all the subjects, creator of all the beings, mind is the Gandharva. May be guard our Brahmans, and Nobles, Svaha! The wish-fulfilling Richas and Samans, his Apsaras may protect us, Svaha!

O Prajapati, lord of the world, you are the prop of the homes above and here, grant protection to these our Brahmans and Nobles.