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Sweet with the sweet, I mix you with Soma, strong with the strong, Amrit with Amrit, the honeyed-sap with sap that is sweet as honey. O Sura, you are Soma. Dress up yourself for the Ashvins, dress up for Sarasvati, dress up for Indra, the protector!

Soma is the best sacrificial food. Pour you forth the flowing one, the friend of human-beings, cleansed with the waters, and expressed with stones.

Purified by Vayu’s strainer, the swift flowing Soma is Indra’s intimate friend. Purified by Vayu’s strainer, the Soma that has passed away backward is Indra’s intimate friend.

O Soma, you are attainable through yamas and niyamas, this my heart is your place. You possess Ashvin’s splendour, Sarasvati’s vigour and Indra’s might. I take you for enjoyment, I take you for delight and take you for greatness.

You are lustre, give me lustre. You are manly vigour, give me manly vigour. You are strength, me strength, you are energy, give me energy. You are righteous wrath, give me righteous wrath. You are foe-conquering strength, give me foe-conquering strength.

I bruised my mother in delight when as a boy I sucked her breast. With that debt I become free from my mother. May my parents be unharmed and happy be me. You are all my associates, as such unite me with bliss, you are free from sin, let me free from sin.

The divine physicians, the twain Ashvins, stretched out the healing sacrifice, and Sarasvati the physician with speech invested Indra will all hero-powers.

The twain Ashvins are the Soma-store, Sarasvati the sacred hearth. For Indra there is his seat, the spacious hall, the Sacrificer’s house.

The morning sacrifice is performed with the Ashvins, the mid-day libation with Indra, the evening one with Sarasvati with oblations very dear to the Vishvadevas.

The gods and the Brahmans have explained the form of sacrifice so for. All that one gains in the Sautramani rite when Soma is shed and expressed.

The learned priests promote the sacrificial rite with food, sacred grass, Soma-juice, and host of heroes. May we also be happy, doing righteous deeds and offering libations to Indra with gods.

The Soma-juice which the twain Ashvins brought from demon Namuchi and which Sarasvati prepared and poured out for Indra, that sweet, honeyed, brilliant juice I drink here in this sacrifice.

Whatever portion of this savoury juice is clinging here, what Indra drank with his powers, I drink and feed on that sparkling juice, with a pure mind.

O Agni, you prolong life, pour down on us food and vigorous strength. Drive you afar from us the gang of evil-doers.

O learned ones, cleanse me, make my mind, intellect and spirit clean. May all beings purify me. May Jatavedas, the all-knowing, purify me!

O Agni, effulgent one, purify me with your sacred bright fire and then purify our sacrifice!

May Pavamana, the all-knowing, ever pure and purifying others, cleanse us today, he who is purifier, render us pure.

O god Savitar, impeller of all, purify me from all sides with both of your forms and through this sacrifice.