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You are the birth-place of princely power, you are centre of royal power. Let none harm you, do not harm me!

By the impulse of god Savitar, with arms of Ashvins, with the hands of Pushan and with the healing powers of Ashvins, I anoint you for splendour, and the glory of a Brahman. With the healing powers of Sarasvati, I anoint you for gaining food and might. I anoint you by might of Indra for gaining wealth, fame and physical strength.

Let my head be grace, my mouth be fame, my hair and beard full of brilliant sheen, my breath be light and deathlessness, my eye the king, my ear the prince.

May my tongue be bliss, my voice be power, my mind the righteous wrath, my intellect self-illumined. May joy be my fingers, delight my limbs and conquering strength my friend!

May my two arms to Indra’s might, my hands be deeds of heroism, my soul and heart a shield against attack.

May ribs be my government, my belly, shoulders, neck, hips, thighs, elbows, knees and all other members of the body my subjects.

I take my stand on princely power and kingship, on horses I am dependent, and on kine. On members I depend, on body I depend. On vital breath I am dependent, on welfare, on heaven, on earth and on sacrifice do I depend.

Whatever disrespect or fault of ours, those of others has caused your wrath, O gods, may Agni set me free from all that iniquity and fault.

If during the day or in the night I have done any act of sin, may Vayu set me free from that iniquity and fault.

If when awake or in our sleep we have committed acts of sin, may Surya set me free from that iniquity and fault.

Each fault done in a village or in forest, in society or mind, each sinful act that we have commmitted to Shudra or Vaishya or by preventing a religious act, even of that sin, you are the expiation!

May pure water cleanse me from my acts of sin just as one release from the stake, or a person is cleansed by bathing after toil, or as ghee is purified through a sieve.

May we be weaned away from darkness by looking upon the loftier light of the Sun, and that is among the gods, the light that is most excellent.

O Agni, today I have sought waters and have united with their sap and thereafter have come to you. O Agni, grant me glory, wealth and progeny.

That society I regard as the perfect where work the Brahmans and the Nobles in ideal harmony, and where the gods and Agni together dwell.