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O Yajna, you are being performed in a well prepared place. You attract all. I consecrate you devoted to Agni. You are the yajna and its altar. I cleanse you for sacrifice. I purify you loving the sacrificial ladles!

You give moisture to Aditi; you are a special creation of all-pervading god. I spread you, soft like wool, the best seat for gods to sit on. Praise be to the lord of the earth, to the lord of the world, and to the lord of all beings!

For the weal of the world the Yajna is performed. For the purification of speech Agni is adored. May Vishvavasu Gandharva lay you round as a protection. You are the protector of the sacrificer. To protect the world Agni is being lauded in the sacrifice. You are sacrificer’s protector and Indra’s right arm. May Mitra and Varuna preserve you all around by their firm law!

O sage Agni, the giver of bliss and opulence to all, we enkindle you in the sacrifice till you shine brightly.

You are a kindler. May the Sun preserve you from the front from every curse. You are Savitar’s arm. I spread you soft as the wool, the best seat for gods to sit on. May Vasu, Rudra and Aditya, the three gods sit on you!

You are giver of ghee. You are called Juhu (ladle). Set you down on this pleasant seat with the dear home. You are giver of ghee. You are called upabhrit. Sit you down on this pleasant seat with the dear home. You are giver of ghee. You are called Dhruva. Sit you down on this pleasant seat with the dear home. They have sat down at the place of sacrifice in safety. Protect these, O Vishnu, protect the yajna, protect the sacrificer, protect me the hotar priest.

O Agni, winner of corn, giver of food, hastening to the corn, I purify you. Salutations to the gods, libations to fathers, be both of you and aid to me!

Today have I brought for oblation the unspoilt ghee. Let me not transgress the sanctity of the sacrifice with my foot, O Vishnu. O Agni, may I abide in your shelter abounding in store of riches. You are yajna’s home. Indra began his deeds of valour from here and so that sacrifice became highly elevated.

O Agni, be the hotar-priest, be an envoy of gods. May earth and heaven protect you. May you guard the earth and heaven. May Indra be, by this offering, maker of good oblation to gods. Svaha! May light unite with light!

May Indra grant me the Indra-might. May wealth in abundance gather round us all. May all our desires be fulfilled, our blessings come true. Svaha! I have worshipped the mother Earth. May the mother Earth make me shine like fire, I being the kindler of fire.

I have rendered homage to the father Heaven. May father Heaven accept my homage. I feed upon the corn with the mouth of Agni. I feed on you by the impulse of Savitar, with the arms of Ashvins and with both the hands of Pushan I consume you with the mouth of Agni!

O god Savitar, this yajna of yours, they say, is performed for Brihaspati, the Brahman priest. Therefore, protect the sacrifice, guard the sacrificer, therefore, protect me.

May your rapid mind enjoy the ghee. May Brihaspati extend this yajna. May he preserve it from harm. Let all the gods enjoy here. Let it be so. Om, far forward!

O Agni, this fuel is for you. Increase by means of it and grow mighty. May we also increase and grow in might. O Agni, you are winner of corn, you produce corn, I cleanse you!

May I have the victory like the victory of Agni and Soma. May I fare forward by the impulse of sacrificial food. May Agni and Soma drive him away who hates us, drive off the man whom we detest.