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O Varuna, hear this my prayer, be ever gracious unto us. Longing for help I yearn for you.

O all-knowing, most adored, Agni, oblation-bearer, effulgent, put away far from us Varuna’s displeasure, god, remove from us far away those who hate us.

Be you the closest unto us, O Agni, our bosom friend while now this rich dawn is breaking. Reconcile Varuna to us, be bounteous and grant us your compassion and listen our prayers quickly.

We call on Mother Aditi, the womb of those who steadfastly observe their vows, protector from various attacks, ageless, the promoter of truth, the form of happiness, we invoke the boundless Mother for our protection.

May we ascend this vessel for our weal, flawless, divine, rowed with fine oars, vast and all-accommodating, comfortable, never leaking and built by master builders.

O Varuna, O Mitra, you gracious pair, sprinkle our pasturage with rich sap, and with honey, the realms of the air.

O Mitra-Varuna, ever youthful, stretch your arms hearing my prayer and let our span of life be extended, sprinkle the pasture of our cattle with sap and make me glorious in the world.

May Agni, well kindled with fuel, bright, excellent, and adorable, and the Gayatri verse grant power, long life, kine and riches.

The two Dawns of great splendour, all the immortal gods, the Trishtup verse and the bull that carries burden on his back, here in this sacrifice, grant us strength and long life!

Agni and mid-Air, the two divine Hotar-priests, the twin physicians, Indra’s own friends, grant us strength and long life!

The Earth, Sarasvati and the three intellects, the Maruts, a milch-cow, the metre Viraj and a bull grant us strength and long life!

The eight Vasus, praised with triple Stoma, and Rathantara along with Spring season and gods, grant us long life and splendour in the light of Indra!

May Rudras with Summer season, and gods, lauded in Panchadash Stoma of fifteen verse Brihat, grant us strength, long life and fame in Indra!

May the Adityas with the Rainy Season and gods lauded in Saptadash Stoma of seventeen verses Virupa with folk, grant us manly strength, longevity, and sacrifice in Indra!

May the Maruts with Autumn Season and gods, praised in a hymn of twenty-seven verses, the Sakvaris, grant us longevity, strength and sacrifice in Indra!