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You are effulgence, you are splendour, immortal, and protector of life, therefore, protect my life. I accept you by impulse of god Savitar, with the arms of Ashvins and the hands of Pushan.

In this Soma-sacrifice is present with us this girdle, which our ancient seers assumed in religious rites in the beginning, declaring the relation between the Primordial Cause and the created things.

O God, you are famous, you are the universe, you are the controller and sustainer of all the worlds. You, Sacrificer go and consecrate by Svaha to Agni Vaishvanara of vast fame.

We contemplate the divine virtues of god Savitar with our mind so that he may stimulate our thoughts.

I invoke for protection the effulgent, all-creating god Savitar. He knows all, stimulates all and is refuge of all the gods.

We invoke and praise the all-creating god Savitar, the all-seeing to obtain the lofty wisdom wherewith to discriminate truth from untruth.

Having eulogized Savitar, the creator of the universe, we seek his gifts in riches, who knows all our desires.

I invocate the liberal-giver Savitar, protector of the men devoted to the vows, full of splendour on all sides, the god Savitar, the cheerer of the godsí feast.

The proximity of god Savitar cheers the company of the gods, with prayer we desire riches from him.

Agni well kindled with hymns of praise conveys our oblations to the gods. O Adhvaryu, awake Agni well, the deathless god!

The oblation-bearer, immortal, wise, messenger of the gods and auspicious Agni, approaches us with the thought.

I place Agni in front, the oblation-bearer, envoy of gods and him here I address. Here let him make the gods sit.

O all-prevading and purifying Pavamana, you have verily generated the Sun and sustain waters with their strength and abundant vivifying milk in the kine.

O horse, you are mighty by your mothers, eminent by your father. You are indeed a horse, you are a courser, giver of pleasure, slayer of the foe, you are a yoke-horse, you are splendid, you are manly-minded. You are called Vayu and Shishu. Follow the path of the Adityas. O gods, possessed of divine virtues, O Guardians of the Quarters, protect this sacrificial, anointed horse for the gods. Here is delight, here is pleasure, here is contentment and here is self-satisfaction.