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Who by his grandeur has become the sole Ruler and Sovereign of the moving world that breaths and slumbers, he, the God is Sovereign lord of these men and cattle. Let us adore with devotion, him, the embodiment of bliss!

You are realistic by efforts, I accept you, O Prajapati as protector, this is your place. The Moon is your greatness. Your majesty can be seen reflected in the night and the year. This majesty can be seen in the Earth and Agni, in the stars and the Moon. Hail to your majesty, O Prajapati, and to the gods, al Hail!

They steadfast and free from anger, move about performing sacrifice and yoke their mighty sun-like souls to God. The lights shine in the sky.

Just as they yoke on both sides of the chariot two beautiful steeds, tawny, stout, bearer of the rider from one place to another, so do the sages yoke their sense-organs, soul and the vital breath to God.

When the horse, swift like wind, has reached the beautiful form that Indra loves, and the waters, O singer of hymn, by this path bring you back our Steed here.

May the Vasus besprinkle you with Gayatri verse, may the Rudras anoint you with Trishtup Verse. May the Adityas besprinkle you with Jagati verse. Eat you this food cooked from barley, from cow’s milk and its products. O Earth, Ether. Heaven and gods, enjoy this food, O Prajapati!

Who moves singly and alone? Who is brought forth to life again? What is the cure of cold? What is the great field for growing?

The Sun moves singly and alone, the Moon is brought forth to life again. Fire is the cure of cold, Earth is that great field.

What was the thought in the beginning? What was the bird of the mighty size? Who was she, the slippery matron? Who absorbs light?

Heaven was the primary thought, the steed was the mighty bird. The Earth is the slippery matron. Night absorbs all light and forms.

Agni was all-seeing, with him they performed sacrifice. He won this world in which Agni is. This world shall be your place of refuge, this you shall win. Drink these saps for this. Vayu was all-seeing with him they performed sacrifice. He won this world in which Vayu is. This shall be your place of refuge, this you shall win. Breathe you these vayus. Surya was all-seeing, with him the gods sacrificed. He won this world in which Surya is. This world shall be you refuge, this you shall win. Enjoy you, these beams of the Sun!

We invoke you, troop-lord of troops. We invoke you the lord of the beloved ones. We call you the lord of treasures, the lord of wealth. O God, all beings abide in you. You are my precious wealth. I know you full well, the bearer of golden germ and sustainer of nature of you keep the world safe as in a womb, you generate all.