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By whose might these snow-clad mountains are standing, and men call sea full of sap his possession? Whose are these stretched arms. Whose are these heavenly quarters? What god shall we adore with our oblation?

He who is the giver of vital breath, of strength and power, he whose commandments all the gods obey, whose shade is life immortal, the lord of death. What god shall we adore with oblation?

May auspicious powers come to us from all directions, unhindered, ceaselessly and ever victorious. May thereby the gods be with us, day by day, our guardians, for our weal with their constant care.

May their auspicious favour be ours. May the bounty of the righteous gods fill us with virtues. May we seek the friendship of the gods with devotion. May they grant us longevity that we may live.

We call the gods here with hymns composed by our ancient fathers. We invoke Bhaga, the friendly Daksh, Mitra, Aditi, Aryaman, Varuna, Soma and the Ashvins twain. May auspicious Sarasvati vouchsafe us weal.

May the Wind blow to us happy medicines. May the mother Earth and our father Heaven grant us these, and also the happy stones that press out Soma juice. May both Ashvins give us bliss on hearing this our prayer.

Him we call who reigns supreme, the lord of all that stands or moves, inspires of the spirit. May Pusha, the nourisher of all, our keeper and guardian, infalliable promote the growth of our wealth for good.

May the mighty Indra, so illustrious and vast, give us prosperity, may Pusha, the lord of wealth grant us prosperity. May the vast, unassailable lord god prosper us. May Brihaspati grant us prosperity.

May the Maruts, strong and fast like steeds, pervading the heavens, the generator of the clouds, moving for the weal of the people, whose tongue is Agni, their eye the Sun, come here for our protection!

O gods, may we listen with our ears and see with our eyes what is good! With limbs firm and bodies stout may we extolling you lead a life appointed by the gods.

O gods, may we live in your company for full hundred years. Let not our bodies decay before that period, during which period our sons become fathers in their turn. Break you not in midst our course of fleeting life!

Aditi is heaven, Aditi is the Atmosphere, Aditi is the Mother of all, the Sire and the Son. Aditi is gods, Aditi is the five tribes of men. Aditi is all that has been born and all that shall be born.

May not Varuna, Aryaman, Mitra, Ribhukshan, Indra, Ayu and Mitra ever slight or desert us. We declare amid the congregations the divine virtues of the gods, full of splendour, strong like flying steed and mighty ones.

When they lead thrice round the sacrificial steed, that is sent to gods as proper oblation, a goat precedes him, the proper oblation of Pushan, announcing the sacrifice to the gods.

Invoker, presiding Hotar-priest, atoner, Agni-kindler, Soma-expresser singer and sage, with freedom from sin may boundless Aditi grant us. May this noble Steed with our oblations gain us lordship!

With Indra and all these gods as our aid, we shall bring these worlds under our rule. May the twelve Adityas, fortynine Maruts, Indra and all the gods grant us healing medicines. May Indra with the Adityas make our sacrifice, our bodies and our sons virtuous.