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O Brihaspati, grant us that which foe deserves not, which shines splendid among the people, give that, O son of rita, you effulgent with strength, that treasure splendid grant us.

O Indra, come Vritra-slayer drink of this Soma, lord of hundred sacrifices, pressed out with stones. I accept you for the love of Indra whose wealth is kine. This is your place. I accept you for him.

We pray to and Adore Vaishvanara, the immortal, the lord of light and sacrifice, truthful, effulgent, protector of beings, the lord of the world. You practise yama and niyama. I accept you for Vaishvanara as the lord of kine. This is your home. I establish you for the satisfaction of Vaishvanara.

May we ever enjoy the favour of Vaishvanara, the sovereign lord of all living things. He, the refuge of all the world, sprung from this earth he looks upon. He is engaged in th8e weal of the world along with the Sun.

Agni is Pavaman, Sage, Hotar-priest of all the five Races. To him of great riches we pray. You are imbued with yamas and niyamas.

May Indra, the mighty and thunder-armed protect us well and slay the wicked who detest us. You are the lord of yamas and niyamas. I accept you for Indra’s satisfaction. This is your home. I establish you for the sake of Indra.

Just as the cows low in their stall for their calves so do we sing the lauds of Indra, our lord and king, who removes affliction, the checker of assault, who enjoys riches and food.

Honour Agni, the king, the effulgent, who carries oblation with speed. Like the chief queen of a king, riches and food stuffs proceed from him!

O Agni, the Seasons spread your sacrifice, the Months guard your offerings. May the Year strengthen your sacrifice and keep our children safe!

In the seclusion of mountain slopes and the confluence of the streams Indra manifests himself with a song.

O Soma, high is your birth, your seat is in heaven but you have obtained a home and great renown on this firm earth.

O Soma, finder of home and freedom flow for Indra whom we pray, flow for Varuna and the band of Maruts!

Struggling to win with Soma we obtain all the wealth from the unrighteous foe we win all the glories of mankind.

May we be rich in strong, heroic sons, stout kine, strong steeds, cattle, each of our desires and blessings, in quadrupeds, in men around us. May the gods protect and guide our sacrifice in seasons.

O Agni, bring you here the longing wives of the gods to enjoy oblations and also Tvashtar to drink the Soma-draught!

O Nestar, the priest, leading the sacrificer’s wife, accept our sacrifice, enjoy Soma according to the season, you are the giver of wealth!

O Priest, being the river of wealth, drink the Soma draught according to the season and so should you prepare the draught, perform sacrifice and attain respect.

O Indra, come you here unto us, this Soma is for you, approach it. Protect it ever and drink of it without stop. Sit you down on this seat of sacred grass in the sacrifice, and take you down these draughts into your stomach, O Indra!

O invoked Dames of the gods, come here and sit on the sacred grass to enjoy yourselves as at home. O god Tvashtar, enjoy yourself the joyful draught in the gladsome company of gods and goddesses.

O Soma, flow forth in most sweet and enjoyable stream. For you, O Indra, is this juice pressed out to drink!

O Soma, fiend-queller, friend of all, you have in the vat attained your iron formed home, safe and dignified!