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O Agni, may years, seasons, half-years and the seers strengthen you. Shine forth with your divine effulgence and illumine all the four quarters of the heaven.

Shine you, O Agni, make this seeker after knowledge wake, rise up erect for grand and great fortune. Be them uninjured who worship you. Let your priests be glorious now beside them!

The priests present here elect you as their leader. Be you gracious to them in this election. Subdue our foes, O slayer of the rivals. Agni, be alert and watchful in your house and keep us also so with never ceasing care.

Removing them who kill, removing the foemen, removing the thoughtless ones, remove those who detest us. Agni, sweep away all our woe and distress and grant us opulence with heroic men about us!

O Agni, invincible, effulgent, royal one, shine here unconquerable Jatavedas! Illumine all the regions, chase away all our griefs. Guard us well for prosperity!

O Brihaspati, O Savitar, give this man knowledge, sharpen his intellect more and more. Raise him to high felicity, in him let all the gods rejoice in triumph.

O Brihaspati, release us from the fruit of sins in the birth to come, free us from the fear of Yamraj in this birth. May Agni, the two Ashvins, the godsí physicians chase away the fear of death from this man.

Splendid are the fuel-sticks, lofty and brilliant are the flames of Agni splendid is Agni, so fair to look on.

Let Agni, the protector of bodies, all-possessing the best among the gods, sprinkle our paths with ghee and sweet sap through rain.

Extolling, the bearer of knowledge, ne, the Adhvaryu comes here. While the sacrifice progresses he offers oblations to Agni with ladles full of ghee.

Let this Adhvaryu pay homage to Agniís greatness, so daintily fed. He, truly, is the giver of pleasurable things, the best wealth-giver and the wisest protector.

May Night and Dawn, his heavenly consorts, protect in our home this sacrifice of ours.

May both the divine Hotars, Agni and Vayu, greet this our lofty sacrifice, the tongue of Agni. May they conduct this sacrifice well.

May the three mighty goddesses, Ida, Sarasvati and Bharati, lauded with hymns, be seated here on this sacred grass.

May Tvashtar pour forth on us the wonderous and productive wealth full of strength, splendour and merits.