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On the earth’s centre, at the place of sacrifice, the Hotar worships Indra with kindled fuel-sticks. Agni, the mighty lord is kindled on the height of heaven. May he enjoy oblation of ghee in Hotar’s worship.

Him the Hotar worships, him the self-born, the mighty lord, the guardian of our beings, Indra, ever invincible, the conqueror, knower of himself and the heaven, virtuous, full of delight. Let him enjoy oblation of ghee.

Let the Hotar worship Indra, the thunder-wielder, render of the enemy forts, mighty, immortal, lauded and invoked by the gods. Let him enjoy the oblation of ghee.

Let Hotar worship him, Indra, the Bull among gods who sits on the sacred grass, does of many deeds. May he sit down on the sacred grass with the eight Vasus, eleven Rudras and twelve Adityas as his friends. Let him enjoy the oblation of ghee.

The Hotar performed yajna to Night and Morning, the two milch-cows of Indra, the mighty Mothers. They have strengthened their calf Indra with nourishment of lustre like two mother-cows of a common calf. Let him enjoy oblation of ghee.

The learned priest performed yajna to Ashvins, the divine Physicians, friends of Indra, wise, the sages, far famed among the gods who healed Indra with oblation and gave him the mighty strength.

The learned priest performed sacrifice to the three goddesses Ida, Sarasvati and Bharti with oblation of ghee. May these three, the divine consorts of Indra enjoy oblation of ghee in this sacrifice

The learned priest offered sacrifice to Tvashtar, full of opulence, remover of diseases, good performer of yajna, of many forms, handsome, mighty and lord of wealth. May Tvashtar who gave Indra wonderful strength, enjoy this offered sacrifice of ghee.

The learned priest sacrificed to the Lord of Forests, the bringer of peace, doer of many deeds, the wise and friend of Indra. May be enjoying oblation of ghee sweeten our sacrifice with savoury butter and balm our paths in order to make them easy and smooth.

Morning and Night, the goddesses called upon Indra as the sacrifice bega. May they, well beloved, our well-wishers, make the divine subjects come here. May they enjoy oblation of ghee for enriching the Sacrificer in wealth and position.

Both the goddesses who give wealth and are gracious, have increased radiant Indra’s strength. One removes sin and distress, the other gives acceptable riches and wealth to the sacrificer. May they enjoy oblation for the gain of wealth and position to the Sacrificer.

Both the goddeses, giver of food and sap, the milch-cows have nourished Indra with their milk. One gives food and energy, the other feast and sap. They bring strength-giving sacrifice and give many portions, blending old energy with the new and new with the old. They are the givers of cherished wealth. May they enjoy oblation for increasing the wealth and status of the Sacrificer.