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O Agni, all-knowing, well-kindled, enjoying tasty and sweet butter, fast moving, decking the minds of the learned, O jatavedas, convey to the gods, what is dear to them.

Sprinkling the paths with ghee that lead to the gods, may the Courser go to the gods knowing their oblation. O Steed, may the quarters of heaven attend you! Bestow food on this sacrificer!

O Steed, you are worthy of adoration and obeisance. You are swift and sacred for the sacrifice. May Vasus and Agni in accord with gods, take you, the contended bearer, to the abode of gods.

May Aditi, the boundless, vast, far-famed, seated on the wide-spread sacred grass, imbued with divine powers, bliss-giving, accordant, grant strength and happiness.

O priests, may these Doors of the hall of sacrifice, divine, full of splendour, auspicious, of varied forms, lofty and wide, unfolding, well fitted and sonorous, richly decorated, offer us easy entrance and exit.

The two goddesses Dawn and Night, established between Varuna and Mitra, rich in varied hue and wealth, intimate with the force of Sacrificer, I establish here in this sacrifice, the home of Truth.

I have pleased both these divine Hotars, chariot-borne, fair-complexioned, who behold all the world. They, the ordainers of sacrificial rules, inspirer of noble-acts, have spread the light in every direction.

May goddess Bharati with the Adityas promote our sacrifice, Sarasvati with the Rudras be our aid, and Ida protect our yajna. O divine goddesses, establish our rite among the gods.

May the Sun, balmed with ghee, go himself, seeking his abode among the gods in seasons. May Vanaspati, the lord of herbs, convey our savoury oblation to gods, tasted by Agni.

O Agni, increased with Prajaptiís brilliant fervour and born immediately from the friction of fuel-sticks, you protect your yajna. Precede you unto the gods and Sadhyas bearing consecrated offering so that they may enjoy our oblation.

O fleet Steed, when you sprang to life neighing from the ocean or from the vaporous atmosphere, you had limbs of the deer and wings of the eagle. O Courser, you deserve applause for your high birth.

The Steed with first harnessed by Trita and given by Yama and Indra was the first to mount. Gandharva held his briddle. The Sun fashioned forth the Courser.

O Courser, you are Yama, Aditya are you, Trita are you three secret operations. You are specially united with Soma, and it is said that there are three bonds in heaven that hold you.