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Purusha has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet. Pervading the earth on every side he transgress the universe.

Purusha in truth is all this, what has been and what yet shall be. He is the lord of all that which grows still greater by food.

The visible and the invisible worlds reveal his mighty grandeur, yet he is greater than all this. All the worlds are but one-fourth of him, three-fourths eternal lies within him.

With three-fourths of his grandeur Purusha sprang up. With one-fourth of it he created the universe, and then he moved forth to every side pervading all that is animate and inanimate.

He created Virat from himself and then Purusha from Virat. When born he spread out to west and east transgressing the boundaries of the earth.

From that great venerable Purusha were generated curd and ghee. He fashioned forth the animals and birds borth wild and tame.

From that Purusha, unto whom people make sacrifice, were born the Richas and Saman hymns. Therefrom then sprang up the spells and formulas of Atharvaveda and the Yajus.

From Purusha were born horses, and from him were born all cattle with two rows of teeth. From him were born kine, from him were produced goats and sheep.

They embalmed the Virat Purusha as victim on the grass, him all the gods, Sandhyas, and Rishis sacrificed.

When they sacrificed Purusha how many portions did they make? What was his mouth? What were his arms? What were the thighs and feet?

His mouth was the Brahman, both of his arms was the Prince created. His thighs produced the Vaishyas, from his feet the Shudra was born.

From his mind came the Moon, and from his eyes came the Sun, from his ears were born Vayu and Prana, and from his mouth was Agni born.

Mid-air was born from his navel, the sky was fashioned forth from his head, the earth from his feet, and the quarters from his ears. Thus the world was formed.