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When the gods sacrificed Purusha as offering in the yajna, Spring was the ghee, Autumn the oblation, and Summer was the fuel

The seven were the covering sticks and three times seven were the kindling ones, when gods performing sacrifice, bound Purusha as their sacrificial victim.

These were the earliest holy ordinances when gods sacrificed Purusha as their offering. The Mighty ones attained the highest heaven, these were the Sadhyas and gods of old dwell.

In the beginning God created the world nourished by waters, earth and sun. Fixing the form thereof the Sun proceeds on his daily course. This was the beginning of the mortals.

I know this mighty Purusha, golden as the sun, beyond the reach of darkness. By knowing him a man even now becomes immortal leaving death behind. This is the path to attain him, there is none other.

Prajapati, the all-creator pervades the being in the womb and the beings that are born. Being himself unborn, he reveals himself in various ways. The sages alone know his true nature. In him alone exist all creatures.

The Sun who imparts light and heat to gods, stand first and foremost among the gods, was born before the gods. Homage be to him, the resplendent the holy One.

The gods in the beginning, when they generated the bright and holy Sun said thus: The Brahman who thus knew you shall have the gods in his control.

Grandeur and Fortune are your two wives, each side of you are day and night. The constellations are your form, the Ashvins are your open mouth. Wishing salvation, grant me yonder world so that the whole universe be mine with absorption into Brahman, the All.