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Agni is That, the Sun is That, Vayu is That, the Moon is That, Shukra verily is That, Brahma is That, apa is That, Prajapti is That.

All divisions of time including the twinklings of the eyelids sprang from the resplendent Purusha. No one has comprehended him from above, across or in the midst.

There is no second of him whose glory verily is great. In the beginning was generated Hiranyagarbha. May he not harm me. He the unborn deserves our worship.

This Purusha pervades all the regions; yea, born afore time, in the womb he dwells. He is born now, and shall be born hereafter to meet his offspring, facing all directions.

Before whom naught whatever sprang to being, who with his presence aids all beings. He, the Prajapati, rejoicing in his offspring, maintains the three great lustres. He verily is Shodashi.

By him stand the heavens strong and the earth stands firmly. He props the realm of light and the vault of sky. He is the measure of all the regions. We worship that blissful God with our oblation.

Whom, the Sun and the Earth, propped by his help, moving in their orbits, do look with a yearning, in whom the Sun shines in full. We worship that blissful God with our oblation.

The sage behold that mysterious Being in the immost recesses of the heart, in whom all the worlds have found one only abode. In Him is united the whole universe and thence it comes forth. Ubiquitous That pervades all creatures like the wrap and woof.

The Gandharva, knowing the eternal, may describe Him, the abode of realse, hidden in the heart. His three steps are hidden in mystery. He who knows them becomes the fatherís father.

He is our Brother, our Father and begetter. He knows all beings and all worlds. In him the gods obtaining life immortal have risen up to the third high heaven.

God reveals himself pervading all the existing creatures, the worlds, all the Quarters and Mid-quarters. The sages having understood the holy order enter into God, the embodiment of truth.

Having pervaded the earth, the heaven, the worlds, the sky and quarters, and having lengthened the thread of law, he views, and the becomes, and is That Being.

To the wonderous God, the splendid friend of the soul who bestows wisdom, I have come closer in worship.

That wisdom which the gods and sages long fir, even with that wisdom. O Agni, make me wise today, Svaha!

May Varuna grant me wisdom, may Agni and Prajapati grant it! May Indra and Vayu grant it! May the Creator bestow it on me. Svaha!

May these Brahmans and Kshatriyas enjoy the splendour and wealth of mine. May the gods grant me the best wealth and splendour. To you all that splendour. Svaha!