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Serve Agni with the fuel, with oblations of ghee, awake the guest and then pay offerings to the gods.

Offer rich oblations of ghee to Agni, the well kindled Jatavedas.

O Angiras, we increase you with fuel sticks and sacred ghee. O youthful Agni, grow brilliant with great flames!

O Agni, rich oblations, dripping with ghee may go unto you along with fuel. Accept these may oblations with favour!

You are power, knowledge and bliss. I lay upon the back of the Earth, the place of sacrifice to gods, this food-consuming Agni, for obtaining food. May I become like heaven in plenty and like earth in compass.

The Sun, the spotted Bull has come and sat before the mother Dawn and is now advancing to his father Heaven.

His lustre penetrates within the space like inhalation and exhalation. The Sun shines throughout the heavens.

The Sun rules supreme over the thirty worlds, all the days at break of dawn. Hymns are showered on the Bird.

Agni is light and light Agni. Svaha! Surya is light and light Surya. Svaha! Agni is brilliance and brilliance Agni. Svaha! Surya is brilliance and brilliance Surya. Svaha! Light is Surya and Surya light. Svaha!

May this oblation reach unto Agni, who lives with effulgent god Savitar and Night with Indra besides her. May Surya, living with Indra with Dawn beside him, accept this oblation.

Performing yajna, may we pronounce the vedic texts in praise of Agni who hears us even when afar from us.

Agni, the height and head of heaven, the lord of the earth, quickens the vitality of waters.

I invoke you both Indra and Agni and please you both together with oblation of corn. You both are bestowers of corn and riches. You twain I call for obtaining food.

O Agni, this is your ordained place of origin whence born you shine forth. Knowing this, O Agni, rise up making our riches grew.

The learned priests made Agni the first invoker, the first to be worshipped in sacrifice, and praise in rites. The seers Bhirgu and Apanavana kindled the all-pervading Agni first in the forests for the weal of mankind.

They, the learned priests, knowing his ancient splendour, have drawn this milk from this cow-like Sage.

O Agni, you are our protector, protect my body. You are giver of life, give me full span of life, O Agni! You are giver of splendour, give me splendour. O Agni! All that is lacking in my body, Agni, grant me that!

O uninjured, effulgent, might, foe-slaying Agni, we, well nourished with food and strong, shall enkindle you through hundred years. O goddess Night, rich in shining lights, may I attain your end in safety.

O Agni, you have attained the glory of Surya, the praise of Seers, and the abode dear to you. May I attain likewise to long life, to glory, to offspring and to abundant wealth!

O kine, you are food, may I enjoy your nourishing food.

You are strength, may I have your strength. You are energy, may I have your energy. You are abundant wealth, may I have your abundant wealth!

O wealthy kine, sport hero in these places, in this stall, in this region, in this house. Remain here and go not away.

O cow, you are made of many forms and colours. May I attain the ownership of such power-giving kine. To you, remover of the gloom, O Agni, we approach with prayers, day by day, with reverence do we come.