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That which, divine, goes far, when man is waking, that which return to him when he is sleeping. That light is one light that goes to a distance, may that, my mind, bemoved by right resolve.

Whereby the virtuous and wise in assemblies, and in sacrifices perform their duties, the unique spirit abiding in living beings, may that, my mind, be moved by right resolve.

That which is wisdom, intellect and firmness, eternal light, which beings have within, that without which man can do no single action, may that, my mind, be moved by right resolve.

Whereby all is comprehended, the past, present, future and immortal gods, whereby spreads the sacrifice by seven Hotars, may that, my mind, be moved by right resolve.

Wherein the Riches, Samans, Yajur-verses, like spokes within a cartís nave, are included and all the thoughts of human beings are inwoven, may that, my mind, be moved with right resolve.

As a skilled charioteer controls and drives with reins the fleet horses, so does the mind control and guide men. It dwells within the heart, is agile, most quick, may that my mind, be moved by right intention.

Five rivers flowing forth speed onward to Sarasvati and then merge into Sarasvati, a fivefold river in the land.

O Agni, you are the earliest friend of gods, the seer, effulgent, a god. After your holy law, the Maruts, sages, wise and active with their splendid weapons, were born.

O Agni, worthy of reverence, preserve our wealthy patrons and ourselves. O god, with your succours. O god, guard are you of our seed, offspring and kine, incessantly protecting in your holy law.

O learned priests, bring great offerings to Indra, the great one, and chant the Saman hymn for strength, by whom our fathers, singing lauds obtained the laud and kine.

O Indra, you are the source of all wisdom. The men who press out and offer you Soma and other oblations, your friends, bear unmoved, the cursing of others.

Not even distant places are far for you, O Indra. Come here, lord of steeds, riding your Bay courses. Pressed out are these juices for the strong and steadfast. The press-stones are set, the fire is ready.

To him who adores Soma, he gives a milch-cow, a fleet steed, a brave son, active in duties, skilled in council, dignified in the court, the splendid reflection of his fathers.

These herbs, these milch-kine, these flowing streams, all these, O Soma you have produced. You have expanded the spacious firmament and with the light has removed the darkness.

O god Soma, with your godly spirit, win for us a share of riches. You are the lord of valour, let none prevent you. Remove our impediments both here and in the next world.