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Avaunt, hence away, you Pisachas, inimical to gods, rebellious! This is the place for those who effuse the Soma-juice.

May Savitar grant a happy spot on this earth for your mortal remains. May radiant Sun prove helpful in this!

Let Vayu purify you, let Savitar purify you with fireís glitter and sunís lustre. Let the rays release you!

God established you in this ephemeral world and made your abode here ever changing like a leaf, therefore, worship the supreme God alone and serve the cows!

May Savitar lay down your remains on the lap of mother Earth. O Earth, be gracious to this mortal man.

Here I lay you down, O man, in Prajapati, near this lovely place full of water. May his light drive away sin from us.

Go hence, O Death, follow your special pathway apart from that which gods are wont to talk. To you who hears and sees, I say it. Touch not our children, harm not our heroes!

Pleasant be to you the wind and sun, and pleasant be to you the bricks. Pleasant be to you the terrestrial fires, let them not put you to grief.

May the regions, the waters and the seas be most propitious. Auspicious to you be the atmosphere. May all Quarters prosper well for you!

On flows the stony river hold each other fast to cross it, keep yourselves up and reach the other bank. Let us here abandon that which is useless for us. May we attain the excellent foods.

O god, drive away sin, drive away evil, impurity and sorcery. O Apamarga, drive the evil dreams away from us.

May the Waters and the medicinal herbs be friendly to us and unfriendly to him who hates us and whom we hate!

We touch for our weal the ox, the son of Surabhi. May he bearer of gods and our deliverer as Indra is to gods.