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May we ever looking upon the loftiest light, above the darkness, effulgent, divine, the most excellent light, the Sun attain the gods.

Here I raise this wall for the living. Let none of these, none other cross this limit. May you following this law for a hundred lengthened autumns and may you keep Death beneath this mountain.

O Agni, you purify our life. Give us abundant strength and food and drive away distress and misfortune!

O Agni, balmed in ghee, with butter on your face, live long, strengthened with sacrifice.

All these men have led about the cow, have led Agni round. They have offered oblation to high gods. Then who will attack them with success?

I drive away the flesh-devouring Agni, sinful let them go to Yama’s abode. Here, may this other jatavedas, foreknowing, carry our oblation to the gods.

O Jatavedas, carry the portion of sacrifice to the Fathers, where, far away, you know them established. May streamd of sap flow there for them. May their desires, so truthful, be fulfilled. Svaha!

O Earth, be you without thorn and pleasant as our resting place. Grant us spacious room full of comfort and happiness. May your fire burn down all our sins.

O Agni, you have been kindled by this man, let him be again born from you. For Heaven this man I name! All-hail!