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This whole world, all that lives and moves on earth, is enveloped by God. Seek joy in renouncing the transient. Do not covet another manís wealth.

Only one performing actions with detachment, should desire to live a hundred years. This is the only way for you so that your actions do not cling to you.

There are infernal worlds, ever enveloped in the deepest gloom. There go those when life here is done, who slay the self.

Motionless, the One is swifter then the mind. The gods fail to overtake that speeding forth before them. Standing still, he outstrips those who are running. Abiding in him life-force acts through everything.

He moves and yet he moves not; he is far and yet near. He is within all this and yet is without.

The man who beholds all beings that are in the Self and the Self in all beings, is never a prey of doubt.

When a man who knows well, all beings become one with the Self, when he further sees that One alone in every thing, then how can distress or delusion touch him?

God is radiant, all-pervading, incorporeal, sans-scar or sinew, invulnerable, pure, unpierced by evil. He is sage, seer, omnipresent, self-existent, and has assigned to everything itís due prosperity unto the everlasting time.

Into the depths of blinding darkness fall those who worship ignorance, and into still deeper darkness sink they who enjoy pleasures carnal.

One fruit, they declare, results from the knowledge, another from ignorance. This we have heard from the sages who have revealed it to us.

The man who knows simultaneously both knowledge and ignorance, overcoming death through knowledge attains life immortal.

Into blinding darkness fall those who follow Nescience or Avidya, into blinder still those who pride themselves of their knowledge.

Different are the results, they say, of Nescience and knowledge. Thus we have heard from the sages who have revealed it to us.

He who knows well both knowledge and Nescience simultaneously, overcoming death by knowledge attains life immortal.

Soul is a material and immortal, but this body will be reduced to ashes. O man, doer of actions, meditate and Universal Soul, the protector of all, remember your deeds, remember your deeds!

O God, lead us along the righteous path to riches and prosperity; O God, you know all our deeds. Remove from us our sin that leads us astray. To you then, we shall bring most ample and reverent adoration.

The face of Truth is hidden over by a golden vessel. The spirit yonder in the Sun, the spirit dwelling there, I myself am he! Om!