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We have reached the earth’s sacrificing spot wherein all gods take delight. May we crossing by Rik, by Saman, and by Yajus the miseries, rejoice in food and the growth of the wealth. May these divine Waters be gracious to me. May these herbs protect me. O weapon, forbear to harm the worshipper!

May these waters purify us like mothers. May the purifiers of ghee cleanse us with ghee. The divine waters remove all our physical defilements. I emerge from them cleansed and purified. You are embodiment of tapas and diksha. I bear you, gracious and blissful ones, maintaining shining and happy appearance.

You are splendour-giving milk of kine. Grant me splendour. You are pupil of Vritra’s eye. You are giver of eyes. Give me the sense of sight.

Purify me the lord of knowledge. Purify me the lord of speech. Purify me, O lord Savitar, with flawless strainer and with the rays of Surya! O lord God of the purified souls, may I with your grace accomplish my lofty desire to purify myself.

O gods, we approach you for happy wealth, as the yajna proceeds. O gods, we invoke you for blessings during this sacrifice.

We perform the sacrifice with steadfast mind, Svaha! We perform the yajna with the aid of heavens. Svaha! We perform the sacrifice for the good of Heaven and Earth. Svaha! We perform it with the grace of wind. Svaha! We perform it with full dedication.

For resolute and inspiring Agni is this offering, it is for that Agni who develops intellect, the consecration bestowing Agni. This is for Purban, Sarasvati and Agni. O divine, shining, great and all-beneficial Waters, O Heaven and Earth, O vast mid-region between them, we perform this sacrifice with oblations for Brihaspati. Svaha! May all mortal men seek the friendship of the all-guiding god Savitar. All pray to him for happy wealth. May all acquire wealth and prosper thereby!