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O Soma, you are body of Agni. I accept you for the completion of the yajna. You are the body of the Soma-juice, I accept you for Vishnu. Oh Soma, you are the source of reception of the guests, you are for Vishnu, you are fast in speed like falcon, therefore, I accept you for Vishnu. I accept you as bestower of abundant wealth. I take you for Vishnu.

You are the birth place of Agni. You are the cause of manly strength. You are Urvashi, you are Ayu. You are Pururavas. I churn you with the Gayatri metre. I churn you with the Trishtup metre, and with Jagati metre.

Be you both of the same one mind for us, of one thought, free from sin and blemish. Harm not the sacrifice, harm not the sacrifice’s lord and be kind to us this day!

Protector from the curse, son of the seers, this Agni is active having entered the invoked Agni. Here is this sacrifice for us, offer oblations to the gods without slackness and a happy mind.

O Agni, protector of the vow, may we be able to fulfil our vows under you. May your from be ever with me and my from be with you. O guardian of the vows, let our vows be united and one. May the lord of consecration inspire me for initiation, may the lord of fervour impell me to take a vow of fervour!

O Agni, your form which is present in iron, in the lowest depths, has driven away he awful speech. Svaha! That same from is present in silver, in gold and in every object. Svaha!

O Agni for me you are an abode for the afflicted. For me you are gathering place of wealth. Protect me from the state of destitution. Protect me from fear. I call you Nabhas, the space-born. Approach us, O Agni, with the names of Angira and Ayu. You whom this earth contains, I lay you down with each inviolate holy name which you bear. I lay you down for god’s delight!

You are like foe-subduing lioness, be ready for gods’ weal. You are foe-subduing lioness, be sanctified for gods. You are foe-slaying lioness, beautify yourself for gods!

May Indra with the eight Vasus guard you in the east. May Varuna with the eleven Rudras protect you from the rear, and the swift like thought guard you on the right with Fathers. May Vishvakarma protect you on the left with the Adityas! I throw away this heated water from this place of sacrifice.

The sages, skilled well in knowledge concentrate their soul, yea, concentrate their mind and intellect in yoga. He, the only knower of all functions, assigns their priestly tasks. Great is praise of the god Savitar. Savaha!

The all-pervading God sustains this world. He has created the three worlds of earth, heaven and the mid-region. In his feet abides the whole world. We offer this oblation to him.

O earth, you are rich in sweet food, rich in good milch-kine, rich in fertile pastures, and engaged in rendering service to mankind; Vishnu has kept both Heaven and Earth apart and has firmly established the latter with pegs around it.