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By impulse of God Savitar I accept you with the arms of Ashvins and with the hands of Pushan. You are woman and I your husband cut the necks of the fiends. You are the remover of our foes, therefore, remove our haters and enemies. May the worlds where dwell our fathers be pure. You are the abode of the fathers.

You are our leader. You establish on the path of rectitude even the leaders of high caliber. Know this well. May god Savitar, who rules over you anoint you with sweet juices. You have touched the sky with your top, has filled the air with your middle and has strengthened the earth with your base.

Your abodes which we desire to visit are full of bright rays of light. In those very places we imprinted the loftiest step of the wide-striding Vishnu. I know you as the winner of riches, the winner of Brahmans and the warrior class. Strengthen the Brahmans, strengthen the Nobles, strengthen the life of the subjects, strengthen the subjects!

O men, look you upon the mighty deeds of Vishnu whereby he, the friend of Indra, has let his holy ways be known.

The learned evermore behold the loftiest seat of Vishnu in the form of heavenís splendour. Behold you ever that!

You are omnipresent. The learned people know as such. May the Sacrificer obtain riches from all sides. O Sacrificer, you are lustrous son of the heaven. May all these people living on this earth be your friends and all the beasts of the forest be under you control!

You are protector and remover of distress of your subjects. May you possess virtuous subjects and glorious, able and learned men. May you be creative and as such enjoy all the pleasurable riches!

O wealthy subjects, enjoy. May Brihaspati protect our wealth. I release you, O prince, from bondage of ignorance. Be bold and struggle against ignorance to acquire knowledge.

May you both balmed with ghee preserve the cattle. O fortunate woman be one thoughted with the Sacrificer and treat him lovingly. Protect him well as does the vast space the air. Perform yourself the sacrifice with all the materials. Be united with his body to obtain a son. O giver of happiness, help him in this great and vast sacrifice, and thereby establish him in the sacrifice. Welcome the learned visitors who come first and also those who come next in the yajna.

Be not crooked like a serpent, be not poisonous like a viper or violent like a wild beast. Obeisance be to you, O performer of yajna. Progress you unhindered and accept the stream of water for purification and follow the path of truth and righteousness.

O Waters, convey this offering to gods, you pure, divine and well provided waters. May we providers be well provided.