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O man purify yourself for the lord of speech. Becoming pure by the hands of the Sun, yourself a divine one, be pure for the gods whose share you are.

O Soma, sweeten our foods and drinks. Whatever divine name you have, life-giving, victorious, to that I pour out this libation of Soma. Svaha!

Self-born you are from the powers that are in heaven and on earth, for the good of senses, for the weal of learned and for all the beings. I appoint you for divine beings who guard the light. May you be pure mind to win the Sun. I laud you for you virtuous conduct. May your enemy who transgresses the law be ruined. I appoint you for exhalation and breath diffused!

You are lord of yamas and niyama. Therefore, control your vital internal powers, guard your own splendour emanating from within. Destroy all your distress with your yoga so that you may be rich in all sorts of food and wealth.

I place within you the spacious heaven and earth and also the vast mid-region of air. The whole of boundless space is within you. Living and rejoicing in the company of gods, gladden all your subjects.

O Vayu, devourer of the pure, adorn us with thousands of virtues. To you I pour out this rapturous juice, whose first draught, God, you take as your portion.

These pressed and poured out pleasant juices long for you both, O Indra and Vayu. This is your home. This is for you both Vayu-Indra.

This Soma has been shed forth for your order-strengthening Varuna and Mitra. Listen you to my invocation, O Soma, I offer you to Mitra and Varuna in this vessel.

May we be delighted in much wealth just as gods are in oblation and kine in pasture. O Indra, O Varuna, give us for ever that milch-cow who shrinks not from milking. This is your home. I welcome you twain, the righteous ones!

O Ashivins, with your honeyed speech and pleasant tongue fulfil this sacrifice. We have accepted you for your yama and niyama. This is your abode. This soma is for you the sweet ones !

You, well-manned with heroes, beget heroes with abundant wealth surrounding the sacrificer. Be thus adorned with glory conjoined with heaven and earth. Let Sanda be expelled. You are the abode of manliness and heroism!

O sparkling Soma, may we be possessed of your chivalrous strength and never ending wealth. This is the first all bounteous consecration. He is the first king, guard, friend and leader.