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The sacrifice is for godsí happiness. O Adityas, be gracious to us. Send your favours here and be our kind liberator from distress. I accept you for the love of Adiryas.

O Adityas, this is your Soma-draught, enjoy it. O you men, believe my speech, the wife and husband, the householders, achieve their good by following the righteous path of duty and a manly son is born to them who earn riches and leads a happy sinless life.

O Savitar, grant us bliss today, tomorrow, grant us happiness each day of the life. May we, through our excellent wisdom, gain splendour with happy and spacious dwelling, O god creator!

Bound by laws, you are Savitarís worshipper and giver of happiness and food. Grant me joy and food, promote the sacrifice and bestow riches on the Sacrificer. I take you for Savitar, the lord of all riches!

Bound by law you are. Firmly established abode of bliss you are. Homage be to you, O does fo great deeds. I appoint you for all the gods. This is your home. You are for the universal gods.

Bound by yama and niyama you are. O god Soma, radiant, pleasure-giving full of sustaining power, protector of wise speech, impelled by the sages I strengthen all my body for you. May I ever whether far or near. May the heaven protect me.

May I behold the sun on both sides and also that resides in the inmost heart of the sages, the absolute truth.

O Agni, full of affection for all, bestower of bliss, drink this Soma juice produced by the learned, truthful in speech. You are Prajapati, strong manly impregner. May I obtain a heroic son, in connection with you, the mighty impregnator, the lord of valour and the protector of progeny!

You are atonement of sins committed against the gods. You are atonement of sins done against mankind. You atone the sins done against the fathers, done against oneself. You are atonement of sins of every kind. You are atonement of all the sins, of those I have knowingly committed, and also of those done unawares.

May we all be ever united with radiance, fine body, refreshing sap and cheerful spirit. Let Tvashtar grant us wealth and remove our bodily deficiency.

O Indra, lead us with the nobility of your mind to wealth, kine and the sages, O Maghavan, to princes, lead us to divine deeds inspired by the learned, and to devotion of gods who deserve our adoration.