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O God Savitar, promote well our sacrifice, increase the yajmanís portion of wealth. May the divine Gandharva, purifier of our wisdom and will, cleanse our mind and purpose. May Vachaspati, the lord of speech sweeten our speech.

I take the life-infusing essence of waters, that are gathered in the Sun and spread in all directions. The essence of waters, the essence so excellent for us, I accept for you.

You are foe-slayer like Indraís thunderbolt. May this man win the war with your aid, you so experienced in war. In gaining wealth we laud the boundless mother Aditi on whom this whole world of life has settled. May Savitar, sustain and establish it.

Immortality lies in waters, in them the healing medicine. O steeds, grow you strong and fleet, having realized the qualities of waters. O celestial waters, food-giving, whatever high and swift moving waves are yours, therewith may this man attain the desired riches.

It were the wind, mind and twenty-seven Gandharvas who at first harnessed the swift steeds. May they grant this man that speed.

O steed, you grow swift like wind and add to Indraís splendour when harnessed at right in the chariot. May the enlightened Maruts harness you, may Tvastar render your feet swift.

O steed, what swiftness was laid in you in secret that resembles the swiftness granted to the falcon, and the speed found in the air. With that same swiftness be strong for us, O horse, wealth-winning and victorious in war. Become you our winner of riches and saviour in the war. O steeds, winner of foods, going for food, smell you Brihaspatiís portion of food-offerings!

May I rise to Brihaspatiís loftiest heaven by getting Savitarís inspiration, the true impeller. May I attain Indraís highest heaven by Savitarís inspiration, the true impeller. I have attained the loftiest heaven of Brihaspati by Savitarís inviolable inspiration. I have reached Indraís loftiest heaven by god Savitarís inviolable inspiration.

O Brihaspati, win the battle. O men, lift up your songs of praise to Brihaspati, make him win the prize. O Indra, win you the battle. O learned men raise your lauds to Indra to make him win the prize.

May I win the battle under the control and inspiration of Savitar, the giver of true knowledge. O war-winning swift steeds, reach you all that god beyond, blocking the enemyís path and winning the quarters with your speed.

This vigorous courser bound in the mouth, bound by the neck and bound at the flanks, gathers new speed, passes by the milestones along the winding paths and its rider hero hurls with speed his weapons on the enemy.

He alone can conquer the foes who like a fleeting horse or a falcon flying fast onward to its aim, marches forth speedily with firm determination and valour fully equipped to the battle.

O fleet courser be auspicious unto us, while they steadily go to the godsí assembly. May they crush the serpent, the wolf and the wicked and quickly remove all distress!

May the heroes, riding the coursers, known for performing sacrifices, the mighty ones, unassailable warriors, listen to my call. They content thousands of people, perform yajna, and obtain food in abundance. Such heroes win great spoil and splendour in the battle.

O courser, intelligent, immortal, truth-knowing, make us rich in wealth and food. Drink this sweet juice and be satisfied and then follow the path walked by the gods.

May food in abundance come to me. May both Heaven and Earth approach me, the from of the universe. Let father and mother come to me, may Soma with immortality approach me. You heroes, winners of the battle, purified in heart, obey the behest of your commander.