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Taittiriya Upanisad

The Taittiriya Upanisad belongs to the Black Yajurveda. Its three books are called Valli, or 'creeper': Siksavalli, Brahmavalli, and Bhrguvalli. Some editions, such as Shastri (1970), include summaries of the contents at the end of each section. As these consist mainly of the first word or two of each verse in the Sanskrit, they are untranslatable, and I have omitted them.

OM May Mitra be kind, may Varuna be kind,
May Aryaman be kind to us. May Indra and Brhaspati be kind,
May wide?striding Visnu be kind to us.
Homage to brahman, homage to you, Vayu:
You are brahman manifest:
I will speak of you as brahman manifest. I will speak law (rta):
I will speak truth. May that protect me: may that protect the speaker.
May it protect me: may it protect the speaker.

OM. Peace, peace, peace.