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The Kausitaki Upanisad belongs to he Rgveda. It has two main recensions: A, originally published in the Anandasrama Sanskrit Series, and B, published in the Bibliotheca Indica series. Except where otherwise stated, I have followed B in the main translation, and given the A readings in the notes. I have not notes small differences which do not affect the meaning. Where verse numberings differ, I have followed B.

OM. My speech stands firm on mind:
My mid stands firm on speech.
May you appear, appear as a youth.
By knowledge that nail has held the law (rta) in place.
Do me no harm.
With this study I hold days and night together.
Homage to Agni with the libation.
With the libation homage to the Rsis,
Makers of the mantras, lords of the mantra.
Homage to you, O gods.
Gracious lady, be most healing to us, compassionate Sarasvati.

May we not be separated from your sight.
Unerring mind, quick eye is the sun,
best of lights. Initiation, do me no harm.