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Chapter Four

1. OM. Janasruti the great-grandson was full of faith, very generous, having much food cooked. He had lodging-houses built everywhere, with the idea that everywhere folk would be eating his food.

2. One night, some geese flew over. One goose said to another, 'Hey, hey there, Clearsight, Clearsight! The light of Janasruti the great-grandson is spread out like day. Do not get caught in it, or you will burn up!'

3. The other replied, 'So! Who is this that you speak about as though he were Raikva the Yoke-man?'

'What is he like, this Raikva the Yoke-man?'

4. 'Just as the lower throws of the dice go into the winning krta throw, whatever good deed people do goes to him. I say the same about anyone who knows what he knows.'

5. Janasruti the great-grandson overheard that. As soon he got up, he said to his chamberlain, 'So! You speak about me as though I were Raikva the Yoke-man!'
'Who is this Raikva the Yoke-man?'

6. "Just as the lower throws of the dice go into the winning krta throw, whatever good deed people do goes to him. I say the same about anyone who knows what he knows."

7. The chamberlain searched for him and returned, saying, 'I have not found him.'

Janasruti said, to him, 'Oh! Search for him where you would look for a Brahmana!'

8. He came upon him under a cart, scratching a rash. He said to him, 'Blessed one, are you Raikva the Yoke-man?'

He called back, 'I am. So what?'

The chamberlain returned, saying, 'I have found him.'

1. Then Janasruti the great-grandson went to him, taking six hundred cows, a golden jewel, and a chariot drawn by she-mules, and said to him:

2. 'Raikva, here are six hundred cows; here is a golden jewel; and here is a chariot drawn by she-mules. Blessed one, teach me about the deity, the one that you worship.

3. The other replied, 'Sudra, you can keep the necklace and the wagon, and the cows too!'

So Janasruti the great-grandson went to him again, taking a thousand cows, a golden jewel, a chariot drawn by she-mules, and his daughter.

4. He said to him: 'Raikva, here are a thousand cows' here is a golden jewel' here is a chariot drawn by she-mules; here is a wife; and here is the village in which you live. Blessed one, teach me now.'

5. Raikva turned up her face to him and said, 'Sudra, you have brought all these, but with this face alone you would have made me talk!'

There are villages in Mahavrsa called the Raikvaparnas, where he lived at the king's behest. He taught him:

1. 'Air is the drawer-together. When fire goes out, it enters air. When the sun sets, it enters air. When the moon sets, it enters air.

2. 'When water dries up, it enters air. Air draws all these together. So much regarding deities.

3. 'Regarding oneself: the breath is the drawer-together. When one sleeps, speech enters the breath; the eye enters the breath; the ear enters the breath; the mind enters the breath. The breath draws all these together.

4. 'These two are the drawers-together: air among the gods, the breath among the breath among the breaths.

5. 'A brahmacarin once begged alms of Saunaka Kapeya and Abhipratarin Kaksaseni as they were being served with food, but they did not give him any.

6. 'He said, "One god, Ka, the protector of the world, has swallowed up four of great self. Kapeya, Abhipratarin, mortals do not see him, for he dwells in many forms-the one to whom this food has not been given."

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