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Brahaspati (Jupiter)


Brahaspati (Jupiter)

The name Brahaspathi is synonymous with the best in intellectual prowess to persons familiar with ancient Hindu mythology. He is also known as Guru (teacher) because he is considered the spiritual teacher of the devas.

Brahaspati is the repository of purity and wisdom. He is seated on a square pedestal a chariot drawn by two horses. His looks are gentle. The prayer beads in his hands and around his neck as well as the shape of his palm (along with the implements he is carrying) signify the superiority of the depth of his knowledge. His wife, Tara, sits near his right foot.

Her small size is supposed to signify his minimal interest in erotica. On his left . Pratidevata Indira is shown with his famous white elephant, Iravadam. To his bottom right are his zodiacal signs, Meenam (Fish) and Dhanus (Sagittarius).

Heavy Weight Planet

Jupiter is the king of Roman gods. He is shown with a lightning bolt It also gives the planet its symbol. Jupiter is the heavy weight champion of the planetary world accounting for more than two thirds of all the material in the solar system excluding the Sun. The giant red spot, called the "eye" of Jupiter, has storms whirling up to 360 km an hour.

Brahaspati (Guru) is the son of sage Angirasar (one of the Saptarshis). He learnt the Sastras and made major sacrificial offerings to the gods and attained the status of a guru.

One of the interesting tales about Brahaspati states that once, when he went to bathe, the water was not clear. He cursed that the waters be muddied by frog and fish.

Brahaspati (Jupiter)

Another tale involves Indra, the king of devas. Indra was so totally absorbed in his prayers that he neglected the needs of his subjects. They requested Brahaspati to help them.

Brahaspati decided the cure was to teach the ways of the world to Indra and convinced him that he should enjoy the company of women (though he himself is portrayed as having minimal interest in erotica!) Of course, when he overdid he realised Indra should be weaned from women and concentrate on God!

Muthuswamy Dikshithar, in his Navagraha kriti on Brahaspati, calls him the esteemed teacher of the gods who also adore him. He also refers to him as the ocean of compassion.

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