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Sukran is more intimately connected with Siva than any other planet. He is reputed to have lived in the belly of Siva for a thousand years! When he finally emerged he was pure white and was therefore called Sukran.

There are many astounding stories involving Sukran. His father was Brighu (one of the Saptarshis); mother was Kyathi. He was christened Bhargavan at birth.

Sukran's right eye is slightly dimmer than his left eye. Behind this is the following story: During Vamana Avatara, Sukran was advising king Mahabali, who was about to be punished by Vishnu, who had appeared as Vamana. Sukran was forced to become a bee whose eye was damaged by a reed used by Vamana.

That is how the right eye got dimmer! Sukran is shown sitting on a five-sided pedestal drawn by eight horses. On his right is Atidevata lndrani (wife of Indra seated in the clouds) and to his left is Pratidevata Marutan (Vayu, wind god, shown with a suggestion of wind in the branch of a tree).

In the bottom left are his zodiacal signs Tula (Libra) and Rishaba (Taurus). In the background is a pan of Mount Meru (Himalayas).

Roman Goddess Venus is a symbol of beauty, love, flowers and spring time. Venus as a planet is symbolically represented by a hand mirror. Venus was also the main planetary deity of Egypt and Mexico.

Venus is the second planet closest to the Sun and traces an orbit closer to a perfect circle than any other planet. Its rotation is retrograde (backward). So, the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Mantra Gift for Siva

Sukran went to Varanasi (Benares), installed a lingam (representation of Siva) and fervently prayed. After his efforts to make God appear in person failed, he did penance with total concentration, dedication, and persevered for a thousand years.

Siva finally appeared in person and taught him "Mrida Sanjivini;" a mantra which brings dead persons to life when it is uttered in the dead person's presence. As is usually the case, devas and asuras started fighting a major battle. The devas had Brahaspati as their guru (teacher) and were easily winning, killing many of the demons. The asuras desperately sought help from Sukran, who became their guru.

Sukran uttered the magic mantra and brought the dead asuras back to life. Pretty soon it was the devas who were dwindling in numbers and no asuras were killed. The tables were turned! Nandidevar went to Siva on behalf of the devas and pointed out that the demons are winning because of the mantra Siva taught to Sukran.

In Siva's Stomach

Siva sent for Sukran and swallowed him! It is said Sukran was in Siva's stomach for a thousand years, doing yoga, and observing the events happening outside. Eventually the asuras were defeated and Siva allowed Sukran to emerge into the world on his own!

The problem was not fully solved as the devas and asuras fought frequently and Brahaspati (the devas' guru) did not know the mantra and the devas came up with a clever scheme to equalise things. They sent Brahaspati's son, Kasan, to woo Sukran's daughter, Deivayani, and in this process he learnt the magic mantra. The asuras killed him t\vice, but Sukran brought him back to life.

The third time, they burnt him and mixed the ashes \with wine and gave it to Sukran. Soon Deivayani noticed Kasan's absence and Sukran recited the mantra. Kasan came back to life bursting through Sukran's stomach! Of course, this meant that Sukran was dead now. But Kasan repeated the mantra and Sukran came back to life!

Muthuswamy Dikshithar, in his Navagraha composition Sri Sukra Bhagavantam, says he always meditated upon Sun, the knower of all truths. He also points out that astrologically his beneficial influence lasts for 20 years. In Indian astrology it is called 5ukra Dasa. Believers think that great prosperity occurs during this period. Sukran is a planet that delivers happiness, romance, and prosperity in almost every culture.

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