Jnaneshvar's Amritanubhav

Chapter Nine:

The Secret of Natural Devotion

"FShiva  or Jnaneshvar, liberation is certainly not merely a dry, intellectual, unity-awareness; it 15 the enjoyment of the bliss, or love, of God. It is a Knowledge-Love; not a love based on the duality of lover and beloved, but rather an inner joyfulness that arises with the sense of union with the Beloved. ... The lover and Beloved are one, to be sure; yet the enjoyment of love continues. This is Amritanubhav: the nectar of the experience of our own divine Self."

.. As a slab of gold might become
Articles of jewellery
For the sake of beauty

Just so, the one pure Consciousness becomes
The enjoyer and the object of enjoyment,
The seer and the object of vision,
Without disturbing Its unity.

Similarly, the auspicious drums
Of ever-new experiences
May be sounding,
But in the kingdom of Stillness,
Nothing is heard

One who has attained this wisdom
May say whatever he likes;
The silence of his contemplation
Remains undisturbed

There is really no action or inaction;
Everything that is happening
Is the sport of the Self.

God Himself is the devotee;
The goal is the path.
The whole universe is one solitary' Being.

It is He who becomes a god,
And He who become a devotee.
In Himself
He enjoys the kingdom of Stillness.

Fire is naturally hot;
Why should we consider heating it?

No matter where he goes,
That sage is making pilgrimage to Shiva.
And if he attains to Shiva,
That attainment is non-attainment:

O blissful and almighty Lord!
You have made us the sole sovereign
In the kingdom of perfect Bliss.

As the Guru, you are the greatest of the great;
But You are also very light,
Capable of buoying up Your disciples,
And thus saving them from drowning in the world.
Only by Your grace can these dual qualities
Of Yours be understood.

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