Jnaneshvar's Amritanubhav

Chapter Seven:

Refutation of The Doctrine of Ignorance

"In Jnanaeshvar's philosophy there is no place for Maya, or illusion, for he wishes to dissolve the mental barriers which separate the world and God. His vision refuses to allow any disruption to the Unity that he sees spreading everywhere, whether with his eyes closed in meditation, or wakeful and active 10 the manifested world."

The word “ignorance" is meaningless
If the Self is pervaded by it,
And yet remains as It is.

Since ignorance is contrary to Knowledge,
It cannot retain its existence
Within Knowledge;
Nor can it exist independently.

If a fish made of salt
Were to become alive,
It could live neither in the water
Nor outside the water.

Therefore, such statements as,
The Self shines when ignorance is vanquished ,'
Should not be heeded by the wise,

I am afraid to believe in this ignorance,
Since it is neither the cause of anything,
Nor the producer of any effect.

The pure Self
Does not even admit the name 'Self!"
How could ignorance expect to find room there?

How can there be'ignorance in the Self
Where there is not even room
For calling it "the Self"?
Innumerable forms and v£rions arise,
But it is one pure Consciousness
Which is the substance if all.

In mathematics,
When one is subtracted from one,
What's left is zero -
And then that is erased.
The same thing happens
When the seer and the seen unite.
Every moment a particular quality is swallowed up

And its opposite emerges.
This is the opening and closing
Of the eye of Reality.

The flame llghts the fire;
But can it be regarded
As something differentfrom fire?

Whatever form appear,
Appears because of Him.
There is notb£ng else here but the Self.

Ignorance cannot be found to exit
By atry means.
No matter how we mqy search for it,
That search proves futile.

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