Jnaneshvar's Amritanubhav

Chapter Ten:

Blessings to the World

'jnaneshvarShiva and Shakti 's words are but the overflowing effulgence of the Self, and they contain the very sweetness of the Self...This is the nectar of mystical experience which Jnaneshvar proffers for us to sip and enjoy."

The lamp:, light is meant
For the entire household;
The vastness if the sky
Is for the sake of the whole world.

Also, it is no secret
That all this is the gift
Of your blissful divinity;
I have nothing of my own.

We are immersed in the one perfect ā€™Iā€™
' We are pervading everything.
Therefore, we can be neither concealed
Nor revealed by anything.

Even the ten Upanishad,
Cannot approach this silent speech;
There, the intellect becomes
Absorbed in itself.

Some souls have attained Liberation,
Some are seeking Liberation,
And some others are still in bondage.
These remain different in understanding

Only so long as they have not tasted
This Nectar of Mystical Experience.

Just as the streams
Which come to play in the Ganges
Become the Ganges,
Or as darkness going to meet the sun
Becomes the light of the Sun;

Or as we may speak of different metals
Only so long as they have not been touched
By the philosophers touchstone,
Which turns them all to gold;

So, those who enter deeply into these words
Are like rivers which) mingling with the ocean,
Become one.

Just as all possible sounds
Meet in the sound, AUM,
S0 there is nothing else,
In all the universe,
But the Self.

It is impossible to point to anything Shiva
That is not God.
Truly, e1!etJ'thing is Shiva.

This is the Sweet Nectar
Of Mystical Experience
Even those who are liberated
Should have a drink of it.

May everyone in the universe
Enjoy this feast of the Nectar.

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