Jnaneshvar's Amritanubhav

Chapter Two :

Salutations to Sri Nivritti

"Jnaneshvar had experienced the 'vision of unity', had realised the Self of the universe; and he attributed this attainment to the initiating and nourishing grace of his brother, Nivritti ...

"The relationship between a disciple and his Guru is one of utter, uncompromising devotion. Jnaneshvar felt this kind of devotion to Nivritti, and looked on him as the very manifestation of God, a living form of the one formless Reality ill whom resided the power of grace."

"In this second chapter, Jnaneshvar .offers his fervent paean of praise to the Guru, worshipping him as the very embodiment of God."

I bow to my Guru, Nivritti,
Who, by slaying the elephant of Maya,
Has made a dish of the pearls
Taken from its temple.

It is by his grace
That all the moon-phases of sadhana .
Culminate in the full moon of realisation.
The water of his grace
Washes the soul so clean

That he regards even Shiva as unclean,
And does not wish to be touched
Even by him.

Alone, there is no happiness.
Therefore, the pure Consciousness
Assumes the forms of Guru and disciple.

He has attained the great status of Guru
By possessing no status.
His wealth is his ability
To rid us of what does not exist.

He is like an astrologer whom Shiva,
Weary of assuming individual forms,
Has commissioned to find an auspicious time
For the regaining of his own state.

Though present he is not seen.
Though he is light he does not illumine.
Though he always is he is not in any place.

He is indescribable.
In his unity where there is no duality,
Words become silent.

Nivritti is not an object of knowledge
Which requires various proofs
To show that it exists;
There is no doubt that he is the Guru.

Salutations to the holy feet of the Guru
Whose actionlessness is absolute,
Without any trace if activity.

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